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December 26, 2016 @ 6:10 pm

Venger Satanis and Kort’thalis Publishing - Adventure Party #42

Our guest this week is Venger Satanis. He is a poet, painter, fellow Wisconsinite, proprietor of Kort'thalis Publishing and creator of the RPG called Alpha Blue and the recently Kickstarter funded Alpha Blue supplement called Girls Gone Rogue! We wanted to talk about the new project, why he's self publishing, who creates his beautiful game maps, and what it takes to Game Master Like a F**ing Boss. You can purchase his work at You can see more of what he's working on at and

Glenn's Review

Have you ever wanted to be a cattle rustler from the Old West? If so, this is your chance to become the best cattle rustler in the land. This 2 player game is fast paced. An average game clocks in at around 15 minutes. The game ends in one of 3 ways. The sheriff finally catches one of the rustlers, if you steal all of the cattle meeples of the same color, or there are no more moves left to play.


After Six Years in Development, This Action RPG is Finally Coming Out

Grim Dawn was successfully Kickstarted with the promise of delivering an RPG experience that you've always wanted. The game is a bit like Diablo with some differences. It was built off of the Titan Quest engine so it has that class sytem and it will allow you to become dual-class, at later levels. You are also able to do co-op play and use a suite of modding tools to change up the game.

Kickstarter Spotlight

The Spotlight shines on Kult: Divinity Lost. This is a retooling of the 1991 horror roleplaying system that has a great premise. All of what we know is a lie. We cannot see our true masters and the part we play in their great design. We hang in the balance between Heaven and Hell. If you live long enough, you'll be able to change your destiny.

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