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October 27, 2017 @ 6:26 pm

Time traveller warns of ET attack and The Orville - Alien Invasion #230

On this episode of The Alien Invasion podcast, drunk Man arrested and warns of alien attack, and congressional candidate who was abducted by aliens claims she can communicate with extraterrestrials.  Dave and Brad will have a sighting, along with their picks and warnings too!


What alien themed TV show, or movie would you like to see an updated version of made?


Police in Casper, Wyoming were dispatched to a residence Monday night to speak with a man who stated he was born in 2048 and was there to help people escape aliens.

A politician in Miami claims that she was once taken aboard a spaceship by aliens where they discussed a number of topics.


A Pennsylvania witness at Homer City reported being woken by the sound of a military helicopter and then saw a triangle-shaped object that seemed to cause a loss of time.


The Orville

X Factor magazine


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