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March 28, 2016 @ 2:32 pm

The SciFi Geeks Club #92 - JF Dubeau

On this episode of The SciFi Geeks Club...


The Martian author wrote Ready Player One fan fiction, which is now official canon

Are Marvel One-Shots Moving From MCU Blu-Ray Releases To The Internet?

Syfy expands 3D printing partnership with MakerBot for 12 Monkeys, Hunters and other shows

Big Question

If you could have your consciousness implanted into an artificial construct of some kind, what type would it be and why?  A follow up question; what robot, android or AI in sci-fi would you also want to inhabit?


Pornhub Just Launched a Free VR Channel


Star Wars X-Wing Miniature Game

Host panel included Dave Nelson and Brad Ludwig

Our guest on this episode is author and podcaster JF Dubeau who could use your support with his new book A God In The Shed on Inkshares.

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