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August 29, 2016 @ 3:13 am

Rob Wieland and RPG Freelancing - Adventure Party #39

Rob Wieland has contributed to many different game systems, Shadowrun, Stars Wars Saga Edition, Firefly, Fate and more. We chat with him about the discipline of writing, how to get a gig, what it takes to be a freelancer, and what other hats he's worn in the gaming industry. Rob gave us an amazing overview of what being a freelancer is all about. If you are interested, you'll want to make sure you give this meeting a listen.

Glenn's Review

Glenn reviewed the board game, Mystery of the Abbey. It's not your standard medieval mystery game. You'll need to juggle your duties as a monk as you work to solve the murder of a fellow monk. It's a collaborative game for 3 - 6 players. that can take 60 - 90 minutes to play. If you're a fan of Brother Cadfael books or the movie, The Name of the Rose, this may be for you.


Alien Invasion, the 3rd book in The End of the World roleplaying line has been released. Fantasy Flight Games has been producing its RPG line to help you bring about the end of the word. In this book, you'll be able to guide your players through a War of the Worlds type scenario. Will this take place by Aliens replacing humans with copies, giant alien insects or have they already enslaved the world under our unsuspecting eyes?

Kickstarter Spotlight

Imagine a world that has gone to the dogs. Literally, gone to the dogs. A medieval world where mankind has long since perished and intelligent canines now rule the world. Following the ancient text called The Code of Man, these beings fight to protect the lands from monsters and those that wish to do harm. This Kickstarter was backed in a very short amount of time and looks to be one of the hotter RPGs to come along, this year.

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