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December 24, 2016 @ 3:14 pm

James Lowder and the Munchkin Book - Adventure Party #41

James Lowder is known as an author, editor, and annual game gift giver extraordinaire. A few of his many notable works include “Prince of Lies” and “Knight of the Black Rose”.  He has just finished work on a book of absolute silliness, the Munchkin Book--The Official Companion. We're going to talk about being a writer vs. and editor, working in the Raveloft world, and much more.

Glenn's Review

Glenn reviews the game Battle Sheep. A 2-4 player game of strategy, exploration, and pasture dominion. An average game takes about 15 minutes and it's recommended for ages 7 and up.


Day Trippers RPG releases Golden Age Adventures, an anthology scenarios based on 16 of the most well known sci-fi writers on the 30s-50s.

Kickstarter Spotlight

Our spotlight shines on the game Saloon Tycoon. Each player is looking to build the perfect Saloon in the new frontier. This 2-4 player game requires quick thinking and a keen mind. You'll need to quickly build up your saloon and get it supplied to get your bonuses.

Hello, My Name Is:

Tony Young introduced us to his 5th ed. D&D character named Leaninlaylonolin Isold.


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