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December 7, 2016 @ 3:59 am

Ben Gerber Talks Game Design - Adventure Party #40

Ben Gerber is a game designer, podcaster, and Owner/Editor in Chief of the website, Troll in the Corner. We talk a bit about his game, Ninja: Silent But Deadly, the upcoming Swamped, and his work with the Wayne Foundation Charity. He is also a part of the G+ group Board Games and @Trollitc.

Glenn's Review

Glenn reviewed the game Alhambra. You are working to build a lush city in 1278. You are looking to hire the best artisans in the world but you need to pay them in their native currency. Towers, pavilions, gardens and more can only be built if you have the right amount of the correct currency. Placement is also important. You'll need proper walls to protect your paradise.


Lead By Example sourcebook for Star Wars: Age of Rebillion

New careers await you within the Rebellion. Try your hand as a Strategist and coordinate an attack against the Empire. You can also try out some of the new species that are in this new release. Whatever path you choose, you're in for an amazing adventure.

Kickstarter Spotlight

Zerpang! The ultimate battle awaits you. Zombies vs Pirates vs Robots vs Ninjas vs Cowboys vs Aliens vs Vampires in the showdown of the century. Strategy, card play, and shennanigans abound in this new boardgame.

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