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September 26, 2016 @ 2:36 pm

As Above So Below - PoT #58 (W/ Darryl Johnston)

As Above So Below

American Horror Story may or may not have a secret season that is currently in development, Ryan Murphy promises big twist. John Carpenter is going to host El Rey's Halloween Horror Showcase.  Side scrolling 'Slain' is returning on the PS4 with added features; Releasing October 5th. Japenese Burger King releases black Doritos for Halloween, luckily Japan gets even more awesome Halloween themed food as McDonlads debuts new french fries; America still shafted. 

Next week sees the return of friend of the show, Martin Cortez and the addition of a new friend, Justin Subia.  Join us as we talk about 1999's Idle Hands.

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